Year 1995

Where everything started

When I was fifteen, I thought that teaching yoga would be amazing, but at that moment I didn’t even considered it a possibility. I later realized that life has no meaning, but to help others and I only wondered how to achieve it. Little did I know about all the subsequent life experiences I would go through that have made me who I am today. Those experiences made me search for alternative ways to heal myself and to connect with myself and others. However, in the process of helping others, I had first to start helping and healing myself.

I was peeling

Like an onion

My healing process did not include one therapy only: when I encountered Kundalini Yoga I also started learning Sat Nam Rasayan, Reiki and Floral therapy among others. It felt like I was peeling myself like an onion, layer after layer, trying to go deeper and deeper, and imagining that I would arrive at a point where it would feel like I had finished. However, I am now convinced that this process will never end and that expecting a definite result at the end, would be losing track of what is most valuable: the enjoyment of the process itself.

I therefore allowed myself to feel and flow and to experience Kundalini’s and Sat Nam Rasayan’s incredible transformation power. These are however only some of the tools that I use to share what I have learnt and experienced first hand. So my questions have been answered: I have discovered ways to help others and to communicate my experience to others.

What’s Bamidele?

First of all Bamidele is the name that was given to me when I was born in Nigeria. Oddly enough people might ask, how come you were born in Nigeria? And I would explain the different circumstances.

What’s Kundalini Yoga?

The primary objective is to awake the full potential of the human conscience of each individual, so that he or she can excel and achieve the experience of the infinite and fulfil his or her personal destiny.

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