Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini can be defined as the reserve of self-conscious energy that remains dormant in each one of us. The primary objective is to awake the full potential of the human conscience of each individual, so that he or she can excel- and achieve the experience of the infinite and fulfill his or her personal destiny. There is nothing outside, everything is in you.

This is way it is also known as the yoga of consciousness; where the focus is on a self-awareness and to have an experience of the highest consciousness. It is also considered a science of the mind and body, that elevates the spirit, which has no limits, without discrimination. Therefore it is a yoga for everyone, universal.

When the consciousness is awaken the practitioner has an experience of his/her original being. Because it is also a conscious transmission that happens from person to person. It awakens you from within. In this practice the most important thing is your experience, which goes directly to your heart.

Who is it for?

For people who work and have a family.

KY is a system that is strong and practical enough for anyone to practice it.

KY is direct, fast and is the perfect practice to maintain the style of modern life.

How will it change your life?


KY is a system that gives the practitioner a positive and conscious realization in a short time.


Simply by doing a kriya the person will acquire a complete physical, mental and spiritual balance.


You’ll be able to experience a strengthening of the immune system, glandular vitality, a resistant nervous system, good circulation and greater awareness of how our habits affect us.


It allows to obtain a clarity in the internal duality, to create a power of deep listening, cultivating inner peace and prosperity.


KY produces a state of healing relaxation: KY works on the strengthening and balance of the nervous system.


KY achieves emotional balance and a neutral mind: KY strengthens the nervous system, the glands sway, the blood is purified and the patterns of the subconscious are cleansed.


KY gives you the experience of who you are by allowing you to let go of the ego.


The KY practice strengthens and expands the electromagnetic field or aura. A strong aura can protect you from negativity and keep you focused on the light of your own identity.


Ky develops the power of intuitive mind. Cleanse the subconscious and allow the person to listen to their intuition through deep meditation.

Are you ready to change your life?

How does it work?

The “Kriyas” used in Kundalini are a series of movements, sounds, mudras, breathing exercises (pranayamas), concentration and meditation, organized so that the energies automatically guide the energies of the body, mind and spirit.

Within the structure of each Kriya, stable and predictable progress is offered in the basic functions of the body and mind, creating rapid and sustained personal growth and healing.

In this tradition meditation is not considered something separate from Asana, it is integral to practice.

The exercises of each Kriya allow the body and mind to enter a state where deep meditation is easily obtained.

Live Sessions

I will give you live explanations on how to perform each exercise that will allow you to experience your true self, transform your physical vitality, obtain mental clarity, inner peace, and emotional balance; all of this in the comfort of your own space.

On-Demand Videos

You will find exercises, kriyas and kundalini meditations that will help you feel connected with yourself, teach you how to uplift your energy, open and clarify your mind.

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