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By Laura Borel

Bamidele means follow me home.

The way back to yourself and the ability to be present to experience this inner connection with oneself starts here.
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What’s Kundalini Yoga?

The primary objective is to awake the full potential of the human conscience of each individual, so that he or she can excel- and achieve the experience of the infinite and fulfill his or her personal destiny.

What is our community saying?


Laura's Kundalin Yoga class connects me to the vast space that its within my been. Through the mental focus and simple exercises, but prolonged and focused in the breathing and mantra repetition, all my self arrives to a state of calmness. The body feels awaken, the energy flows and the mind is like a still placid lagune. Laura motivate us, and makes us remember once and again to break our mental barriers and to use the breathing as the main pillar. At the end of the class, in shavassana, there is this lightness and exquisite emptiness sedation.

María HonOwner of Tin Jo Restaurant, Costa Rica

The benefits in the physical, emotional and spiritual level are obvious. The practice of Kundalini Yoga has taugh me to breath in the right way, and when I do, I can overcome any challenge me ha and any situation that is happening in the moment.

Lorna LiCosta Rica

Laura teaches Kundalini Yoga with love and dedication to each of her students, and that is the most important ingredient of the sucess of her classes. If you want to experience again a deep connection with yourself, and at the same time exercise your body in the physical level, this is your choice.

María LasaSpain

Laura is an excellent teacher! The practice has helped me a lot in my healing process!

Sarah GonzálezCosta Rica

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